Todos estamos pasando por tiempos poderosos ahora, en los que estamos invitados a ser parte activa de esta increíble transformación que está atravesando la humanidad.

Ahora, más que nunca, es importante ser conscientes de nuestros pensamientos, emociones y acciones que crean nuestras realidades y elegir conscientemente recordar.

I am Guatemalan, initiated in the path of Mayan Wisdom Keeping, following the Kakchiquel lineage. The project Mayan Readings was born inspired by the Sacred Energies.

After a few years after my initiation, I received on meditation that I had their permission to openly start sharing with people through the Mayan Birth Readings what I’ve learned so far. Sharing with people has enriched my path as it helps me continue to learn and grow through every interaction.

I work mainly with the spiritual side of ancient Mayan Wisdom, which helps us synchronize with the natural cycles and come back to our center to reconnect with our essence. If you are consciously walking your path towards remembering, a Mayan Reading could be a great way to activate your codes.

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