I was born in Guatemala. The first time I was introduced to my Nahual (Mayan Energy Sign) was in my early twenties and was amazed by it. It was the first time in my life that I was able to understand a deep part of myself, as I always felt different from the rest. 

That opened my curiosity to want to know more about the Sacred Calendar and the Mayan Cosmovision as part of my Guatemalan cultural heritage. I started following and learning about the energies of the days on my own, which helped me go through a decade of darkness in my life.

Years later, I was introduced to a Kaqchikel Mayan Guide whose teachings were going to change my life forever. He invited me to live with him and his family (a thing that rarely happens), and I said: “Yes!”, without hesitation. The synchronicities were so strong that couldn’t be ignored and he became my Mayan Wisdom Teacher. I left everything behind and went to live with them for months, immersing myself in a magic bubble of wisdom and ceremonies.

That is how I was initiated as an Aj Q’ij (Mayan Wisdom Guide), following the Kaqchikel lineage.

After a while, I had to continue my journey on my own, starting the process of reconnection with my own wisdom, but now guided by the Ancestors. It has been quite a journey of self-discovery, dropping illusions and patterns, self-healing, empowerment, discovering my own path, and re-membering.

Sharing Mayan Readings and consultations and what I have learned so far, has been a true blessing. I have been able to recognize myself through the eyes of others, and have met amazing people with beautiful gifts and unique paths that help me keep learning and evolving.

Thank you for being part of this collective transformation.

Jen Soto