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Energy for Saturday, March 5 2022 / Energía para el Sábado, 5 de Marzo de 2022

Today we can reconnect to that infinite consciousness that we are. Consciousness is expressing and experiencing itself through infinite possibilities.  Each one of us is a drop from the sea of consciousness. Each drop contains all consciousness inside, as it is a fractal of the whole. Our human experience is just one fraction of the times a drop has divided, but our essence contains everything. 

We can practice anything that can bring us into a silent state, connect to our essence, and discover our highest potential. All the answers and knowledge we want to find outside are really inside us. The external world bombards us with things, keeping our focus outside, disconnecting us from our essence, searching for things and people to complete us. Very few change their focus inside to reconnect with the infinite being we all are, which is whole.

We can let challenges that come into our human experience entangle us and make us forget our infinite and unlimited essence, or we can use them to remember our power as co-creators. We came here to experience different possibilities. What expression of Self are you choosing to experience, the limited or the unlimited one? On this day, we are invited to come to this place from where all the possibilities of creations come. You can dream the next coming cycle, not from the past, but the ever-present now.

This is an ideal day to focus on positive affirmations since these can print messages in the water, and our body is composed of more than 80% water. On IMOX days, we ask for our lakes, rivers, and oceans to be clear from contamination. They are like the blood that runs through our veins. Water is more than an element; it is a conscious and evolved being who holds the records of Earth’s history.

**IMOX represents the sea of consciousness from where everything emerged. It is water, and water has memory.  IMOX is essence in all the meaning of the word. It will always guide us to connect with our true essence. It is the left side of our body and the right side of the brain. It is feminine energy connected to the ethereal realms and brings the ability to strengthen or awaken our spiritual gifts.

IMOX has been given a “bad rap” as people normally connect it with craziness or mental instability. But this is just because everything or everyone that doesn’t fall into the imposed standards of the left brain is labeled as crazy.

It reminds us of the importance of coming to silence to be able to receive messages from nature, through our dreams, intuition, and more. Even when IMOX separates us from the collective, at the same time connects us with it, as everything that exists comes from the sea of consciousness. So, we need to discern if whatever we are feeling or thinking is ours or not.

IMOX is the energy that breaks with the established. It brings the unexpected. This energy asks us to stay in our center so we don’t lose balance. It is represented by the crocodile and the water lily. IMOX brings the energy to communicate with water creatures, like dolphins.

**The number 11 brings things up to the surface to be seen, to work with them, heal them, transmute them, integrate them, or unplug from them. These things that come up may seem like tests but if we take responsibility for them, they will bring higher knowledge.



Hoy podemos reconectar con esa conciencia infinita que somos. La conciencia se está expresando y experimentando a través de infinitas posibilidades.  Cada un@ de nosotr@s es una gota del mar de la conciencia. Cada gota contiene toda la conciencia en su interior, ya que es un fractal del todo. Nuestra experiencia humana es sólo una fracción de las veces que una gota se ha dividido, pero nuestra esencia lo contiene todo. 

Podemos practicar cualquier cosa que nos lleve a un estado de silencio, conectar con nuestra esencia y descubrir nuestro más alto potencial. Todas las respuestas y el conocimiento que queremos encontrar fuera están realmente dentro de nosotr@s. El mundo exterior nos bombardea con cosas, manteniendo nuestro enfoque fuera, desconectándonos de nuestra esencia, buscando cosas y personas que nos completen.

Muy pocos cambian su enfoque hacia el interior para reconectar con el ser infinito que tod@s somos, que es completo.

Podemos dejar que los desafíos que llegan a nuestra experiencia humana nos enreden y nos hagan olvidar nuestra esencia infinita e ilimitada, o podemos utilizarlos para recordar nuestro poder como co-creadores. Hemos venido aquí para experimentar diferentes posibilidades. ¿Qué expresión del Ser estás eligiendo experimentar, la limitada o la ilimitada? En este día, estamos invitados a conectar con la conciencia de donde provienen todas las posibilidades de creación. Puedes soñar el próximo ciclo que viene, no desde el pasado, sino desde el siempre presente ahora.

Este es un día ideal para centrarse en las afirmaciones positivas, ya que éstas pueden imprimir mensajes en el agua, y nuestro cuerpo está compuesto por más de un 80% de agua. En los días IMOX, pedimos que nuestros lagos, ríos y océanos estén limpios de contaminación. Son como la sangre que corre por nuestras venas. El agua es más que un elemento; es un ser consciente y evolucionado que guarda los registros de la historia de la Tierra.

**El número 11 trae cosas a la superficie para ser vistas, para trabajar con ellas, sanarlas, transmutarlas, integrarlas o desenchufarse de ellas. Estas cosas que surgen pueden parecer pruebas, pero si nos responsabilizamos de ellas, nos traerán un conocimiento más elevado.

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