Energy of the day for Thursday, January 6 2022 / Jueves, 6 de Enero de 2022

AQ’AB’AL is the darkest moment of the night before the first rays of light of the new day. It represents the new day, an opportunity for change. We can experience a new reality when opposites harmonize. We can choose to be blinded by darkness or realize the miracle of transformation that happens in it. We can try to find the gift hidden in the dark. During the day, we can see the beauty of flowers and nature in general. During the night, the same things are out there, even when we cannot see them with our eyes.

Today is a good day to let go of something or someone that doesn’t help our highest purpose and make space for something or someone new to come. The positive change we long for cannot happen if we don’t let go of whatever prevents it from coming to us. We cannot create a new reality if we keep coming from the old one.

Try doing something spontaneous today, out of your routine, or go out on an adventure or short trip. Sometimes we just need a change of perspective or a time out to come back refreshed and with a clearer view. Try and observe something or someone without putting a label to it or judging it, and experience how its essence shows up.

**AQ’AB’AL represents polarity, two opposite energies that at the same time are harmonic. One cannot be without the other. It is the light at night and the shadows in the day.

AQ’AB’AL is the energy of the new day, an opportunity for change to get out of the routine or to start a new journey. It is hope in difficult times.  It brings unexpected changes in our lives.

It is represented by the macaw for the day, and the bat, for the night.

**The number 5 represents spirit inside matter, the 5th element: ether.

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