6 E

6 E’

Energy for Wednesday, August 3, 2022 / Energía para el Miércoles, 3 de Agosto de 2022

B’ATZ’ is the energy of the beginning of an idea, but E’ is the one that invites us to take action. If you are experiencing a lack of balance or harmony in your life, today you can take the first step to make the necessary changes to bring it back to your physical experience. It doesn’t need to be something big; you can start with something small at a time.

If you have a clear idea of where you want to go, no obstacle will stop you from getting there. But this desire must come from your heart. If it is only a mental desire or someone else’s desire that is not aligned with your soul’s purpose, you will only find struggle.

Today is a good day to travel or connect with the etheric realms and ask our guides to show us the way.

**E’ symbolizes the spiritual and sacred path, and each step we take towards our destiny. It is the energy of traveling or journeying in the physical or ethereal realms. It represents the ladder that communicates the middle world with the upper and lower worlds.

This energy is of conciliation between different visions or points of view. It indicates the middle, the intermediary. It is the aspect of life to look for realization in all situations. E’ is the energy connected to merchants, businesses, projects, and the journey of life.

**The number 6 represents balance. We need to experience imbalance first in order to try to find the opposite.




B’ATZ’ es la energía del comienzo de una idea, pero E’ es la que nos invita a pasar a la acción. Si estás experimentando una falta de equilibrio o armonía en tu vida, hoy puedes dar el primer paso para hacer los cambios necesarios para devolverlo a tu experiencia física. No es necesario que sea algo grande; puedes empezar con algo pequeño a la vez.

Si tienes una idea clara de adónde quieres ir, ningún obstáculo te impedirá llegar allí. Pero este deseo debe salir de tu corazón. Si es sólo un deseo mental o el deseo de otra persona que no está alineado con el propósito de tu alma, sólo encontrarás lucha.

Hoy es un buen día para viajar o conectar con los reinos etéreos y pedir a nuestros guías que nos muestren el camino.

**El número 6 representa el equilibrio. Necesitamos experimentar primero el desequilibrio para tratar de encontrar lo contrario.

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