The Sacred Cholq’ij Calendar is a pearl of Mayan time-keeping wisdom that guides and influences the destiny of life upon our physical and spiritual dimensions. It can guide us through our process of re-membering.

The Mayan Readings help us reconnect with that ancient wisdom. These are offered online for people worldwide. In-person readings are only available in some villages of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

*The price varies between an online and an in-person reading.*

rueda nahuales 2


According to our date of birth, each one of us is born with a specific Nahual (Mayan Energy Sign) and a group of energies that guide and influence our life (Mayan Chart). The Mayan Chart works like a map that brings keys to navigating through different aspects and stages of our lives. It reveals gifts, challenges, and specific things to work with. It also gives a deeper understanding of what our soul came to experience in this lifetime. 

This 2-hour reading is soul-oriented and reveals this sacred information to understand and live within our own organic and cosmic biorhythm.


This package includes 3 readings: Two individual Mayan Birth Readings and a Relationship reading for the two people. The Relationship Mayan Chart will help understand the energies that influence a relationship between two people and discover what they have to learn or work together. It can be a relationship with a friend, a family member, a work partner, a love relationship, etc.


This unique type of reading incorporates tools given to me in my path as an Ajq’ij (initiated Mayan Wisdom Guide), integrated in a way shown to me by the Sacred Energies.

In this 1-hour reading, we can find an answer to a personal question, clarify a specific theme in your life journey, or get some advice about a specific subject.


I also offer English to Spanish translations for books, documents, and video subtitles. This doesn’t include official or legal documents.

I have translated to Spanish the book “Walk-Ins Among Us” by Yvonne Perry and “30 Days to Unstoppable: Be the Dream Made Visible” by Whitney Freya.