“Jen’s reading was one of the most profound I ever had. The combination of the Mayan system (which was fascinating) and Jen’s wisdom and intuition opened a new awareness deep within me. The system itself is so appealing due to the symbols and organizational structure that speak to some deeper part of my soul. And Jen has an old soul wisdom that can be felt immediately. The explanation of my chart helped me understand myself and have deeper compassion than I ever have. I now keep my chart on my altar because I can feel the energy radiating out of the symbols continuing to inform me on a subconscious level. Thank you Jen for using your gifts to help us all better versions of ourselves. “

Tammy Roth

Soul Note Coach – 56 – USA

“I was wonderfully surprised by the Mayan Card Consultation I had with Jen. She created sacred space effortlessly and as I entered the Portal of her Wisdom, I felt peace and deep ease of being. She is warm and focused, present, and very aware. The reading was profound on many levels, validating my experience about the question I asked and giving me further insights into what is unfolding in my life. The cards were exact and her deep knowledge of Mayan Cosmology, her innate intuition, wisdom, and wealth of esoteric knowledge were deeply appreciated as she read the cards with as much inquiry as knowledge which was amazing; it was a beautiful dance. Jen is the real deal and I am grateful I was guided to her at this time. She is a gift to the world and I highly recommend her to you.”

Claudette Agostini

73 – Canada

“My reading with Jen provided such validation and insight into who I am and how I interact with the world. Jen speaks such good English and is able to provide not only an educated/ qualified reading but also offer her own energetic and intuitive take on what she sees. I felt much more connected to and resonant with the Mayan reading than I have ever with traditional astrology. I am very grateful for my time with Jen. What a wise, kind, and gracious woman”.

Libby Ahlstrom

Filmmaker – 47- Australia

“My Mayan Card Consultation with Jen was so insightful and inspiring. Jen has a way of tapping right into the heart of the matter and relaying information that is so helpful and always resonates at such a deep level. From the minute she started interpreting my cards I had tears streaming down my face – not from sadness but from the realization of the ultimate soul truth of the message she delivered. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who needs a bit of clarification, a question answered, is interested in a Mayan Birth Chart Reading, or for any reason you can think of to experience Jen’s beautiful gift. You will not be disappointed. Jen is a gem and the real deal.”

Kathleen Green

53 – USA

“My reading from Jen was magical. She affirmed some deep truths for me and also illuminated some new insights that blew me away with their accuracy! Her reading came at the perfect time (trust whenever you are reading this that you have been led here) for me to go within and draw on more of my personal power, sourced from many sources, lifetimes, and connections, to serve more expansively in my personal calling. Her Mayan Reading complimented other readings I have had while also shining a light on brand new facets I had not considered. I highly recommend a reading with Jen.”

Whitney Freya

Creatively Fit Coach – 50 – USA

“The Mayan Card Consultation with Jen was just outstanding. I’m still speechless after the experience! I had a very particular question, and the answer was just like someone is reading from a book was written to answer my question. Her sensitivity and the cards she created were a perfect tool to connect to universal knowledge and to receive clarity and guidance. I felt safe, held, heard on a universal level. She is a gift for us, a messenger here. She is here to help us not to give up, not to leave the path. She is the mouth of the universe. Listen to her words. It’s worth gold!”

Zsuzsa Kohan

Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist – 45 – Hungary

“Jen is a truly inspired guide! Taking the time to explain the Mayan Cosmology at the start of the reading opened out this timeless wisdom in such an accessible way. The reading was incredibly insightful and gave me a deeper understanding of my life & soul’s journey. I feel renewed in my direction and purpose. Jen’s wisdom, presence, and care are a rare gift.”

James Bonner

Permaculture Teacher & Healer – 35 – England

“My reading with Jen was absolutely marvelous! She has really calm and welcoming energy, so it didn’t even feel like we were having the session thousands of kilometers apart, it felt very organic and normal. Jen is extremely helpful, so she’ll make sure to answer all of the questions that you may have as well as send some most important info about Mayan Readings prior to your meeting. I’m so grateful to have had this experience – what I heard during that hour and a half was meant to be heard at this exact time in my life. Don’t hesitate to get to know yourself a little bit better!”

Urtė Radavičiūtė

Student -18- Lithuania

“Jen delivered a very spiritual Mayan birthday reading. She is very sensitive to spirits and we both felt my mother during the reading!!! Jen can feel what needs to be said during the reading. She also helped me to open my eyes to areas I need healing that I wasn’t aware of yet. With Jen’s help, I have been able to heal some deep trauma!! I am looking forward to my next reading and feel such a strong connection with Jen. Keep shining!”

Rachelle Delmonico

Early Childhood Specialist – 48 – USA

“I really enjoyed my experience with Jen. The Mayan reading was helpful to me in bringing more insight to what I could feel inside but didn’t have words for. She clearly knows her craft and I could feel the wisdom of the Sage that she is as she spoke to me. I felt as if I were stepping back in time to a very familiar place. Thank you for sharing your gift!”

Janet Heilbronn

Psychotherapist – 58 – USA

“My Mayan Card Consultation with Jen was a beautiful experience that helped me to broaden my perceptions beyond my own limitations. It helped to bring me clarity and reassurance at a time when I most needed this. She is a kind spirit with a depth of wisdom that is powerful in a gentle way. I felt I could be completely honest with her because I felt she possessed a trusting energy that allowed me to open to her guidance and receive fully her insights and advice. I felt she had a genuine connection with the Nawal energies and so I felt empowered through all she shared with me in our session. I highly recommend a session to anyone looking for guidance from this powerful and wise woman. Her true essence and her professional conduct allowed me to feel safe to receive the inspiration I needed most.”

Myshelle Eileen

Tarot Guide and Teacher – 38 – Canada

“Jen gave my partner and me a wonderful reading, this was my first experience, and was beyond impressed. I was amazed at her comprehension of me, as an individual, how I preserve and interact within my world, and the way in which I see my surroundings. She gave me clarity into how I live and much hope that I was on the right path. Can’t thank you enough, Jen.”

Matthew Lawson

Executive Director Wetland Agency – 37 – USA

“I am grateful for my session with Jen. Her way of presenting the Mayan Cosmology to a novice like myself was not only deeply insightful but also skillful, in the way she turned complex notions into relatable concepts, at a personal but also collective level. My own map confirmed if not revealed aspects that I had always intuitively known about, weaving them together in a fascinating picture encompassing past, present, and future considerations, leaving me equipped with a deeper understanding of my own unique path, skills, and experience, but also an even stronger sense of belonging, to the universe and to its divine plan. Very grateful for this experience. I cannot recommend it enough.” 


Conscious Business Coach – 30 – France