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Today I remembered an insight a bird brought me a while ago. I was house sitting in a place in front of the lake, with big windows to enjoy the view. One day, I came back home around noon, and as I walked to the kitchen, I felt a bird flying over me towards the living room. I thought it was weird that the bird was trapped inside. I didn’t see it when I closed the doors before leaving the house in the morning. The poor bird remained trapped for two hours while I was out.

I opened the front and side doors for the bird to find its way out. As I was doing so, the bird was trying to fly away from me. I didn’t want to scare it, so I went to the bedroom for a short while. I heard it banging against one of the closed windows, thinking that was the way out. When I went back to the living room, the bird was still doing the same thing in the same spot. It didn’t get that there was no way out in that place and kept banging itself against the glass in the same spot over and over again. I get sad when that happens. Of course, glass is a human-made thing they don’t understand.

I went to see if I could open that window. As the bird saw me walk near, it flew to the open door by the kitchen and stood there for a moment. It was standing at an opened door and still thought it was trapped. We looked at each other for a while, it was beautiful. I was sending it calming energies until it finally realized the door was open and flew away.

This bird made me think of how people sometimes react when feeling or getting trapped in a situation. Most of the time is our fault or lack of awareness that makes us feel trapped in the first place. Sometimes we are not even trapped, but we believe so when things are not going how we expect. In this case, the cage is our mind and the way we see things.

As we believe we are trapped, we fly around desperately trying to find an exit, not knowing what else to do. In the process, we lose energy, feeling stressed and frustrated. Then, a door opens. We don’t even realize it because we are so stubborn trying to find the exit in the wrong place. We try to solve our situation in what we think is the only way and keep banging ourselves in the same thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, and assumptions. Then, another door opens. We still don’t realize there are now two doors opened because we keep focusing in the wrong place.

Suddenly, something shakes us and makes us move in another direction. We may feel defeated, and because we are tired, we let go of our struggle and stay still for a moment. After a moment in silence, and without any effort, we finally realize we are standing by an opened door. That door represents the solution we didn’t see before because of the belief of being trapped.

Finally, we can fly away. We are free now. We can leave behind the cage we got into. A short time will pass, and then, we will forget that we remained trapped for a while. Maybe we will even get into another cage right away.

This bird reminded me to try to stay calm and present when feeling trapped in a situation. When we are present, we can observe ourselves and try to find out why we feel trapped in the first place.

In the Mayan Cosmovision, birds are seen as messengers from Spirit. If we trust and pay attention to the messages coming from Spirit, we can realize there is always a reason why this moment is the way it is. It can bring teachings, insights, healing, or will guide us to connect with our gifts. We won’t realize that if we obscure the present moment with worries. Birds remind us to learn to see things from a higher perspective and connect with our inner vision. This way, we can understand why we attract certain situations to our lives. If we remain calm, connecting with our inner vision, it will be easier to see when the first door opens, setting ourselves free.

Thank you for your existence, dear reader.

With appreciation and respect on your path,


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