I was inspired to write this post after reading this quote a couple of days ago:


“We consider Love to be a relationship. We consider Love to be a feeling that takes place between two people. Love is not a relationship. Love is the dissolution of relationship, it is the collapse of relationship.  In the experience of Love the self and the other dissolve. That’s why Rumi said this beautiful thing, he said: ‘True Lovers never really meet. They’re in each other all along.’ Love is not a meeting of two people. It is the dissolution of the apparent separation between self and other and a revelation of the prior unity of these two apparently separate selves. So Love is not an experience that the separate self has, it is the dissolution of the separate self, the revelation of reality, the revelation of consciousness. Consciousness is Love.”
~ Rupert Spira 


I felt like sharing with you a powerful experience I had that makes me understand what this quote says.  I’d never shared this with anyone before, and decided to start doing so.


Some years ago, I was living in a small indigenous village around the lake with few foreigners living there by that time. One of these foreigners, I am a little ashamed to confess that I really dislike. He was completely asleep, limited by his logical mind, and moved mainly by basic instincts and desires. He always made fun of me, because he didn’t understand my path and thought it was just about stupid beliefs. After some disrespectful treatment, I ended up limiting my interactions with him as much as I could in this small village.


One night, before going to bed, I realized I was missing a hug. I hadn’t had a real one for a while, and know the healing effects of hugging.  So I went to bed wishing I had a real hug from someone. As I closed my eyes, the face of this guy appeared so clear in front of me. I thought: “Ew, not him!” And then, something amazing happened.


I felt how I suddenly left my body. I was just energy and started traveling, but not through space. I suddenly appeared in this guy’s room and saw him lying on his bed. Then, I saw how he also left his body and moved towards me. He was just energy, nothing that can be seen with the eye, but I knew it was his spirit. Somehow, I could feel like an energetic human shape, even when it was not. His spirit hugged me and at that moment our energies dissolved, there was no separation at all. All it was, was the most beautiful experience.


I need to stress that there are no words that can really describe this. Words can just help get an idea.  What I experienced was so pure and it was beyond human. It was Love in all its essence! Divine, immaculate, exquisite, beyond unconditional, and so powerful! I couldn’t believe I was experiencing something that pure.


It is a kind of Love that I’ve never felt in my human experience. I understand that’s why I needed to have an out-of-body experience.


I recently met a woman in a reading that had a similar experience.  She had it in the dream state. She also told me that there are no words to express something like that and hadn’t felt anything like that in her waking state. 


Anyway, I completely dissolved in this Love and forgot about everything for a while, even the idea of myself. But, at some point, the mind and the sense of self came back. I thought: “This came from him?” And that thought abruptly kicked me back into my body. I suddenly sat on the bed with my cheeks wet in tears from that mesmerizing experience. It took me a while to assimilate the whole experience. I was having a really hard time putting the guy and that pure feeling together.


How come something so pure and divine could come from someone like him? And then I understood I needed to experience this from the image of someone I disliked to have the contrast and understand what the experience was about. If I have had that with a loved one, it wouldn’t have impacted me. It would have been just a beautiful experience and I would have thought that love came from the connection with that person.


This experience was about understanding WE ALL ARE THAT! I mean, the real essence of us is that pure Love. The images, beliefs, conditionings, projections, and stories we have about ourselves and others are made up. They are not real. They serve a purpose though, but our essence is nothing like that. There is no separation in real Love. This inner understanding brought a beautiful sense of compassion towards this guy and myself.


After this, I tried to be this guy’s friend, coming from that loving space. But soon, I realized it was not going to be possible.  We still had our own identities and wounds that separated us.


I’d felt other people’s souls and spirits before, and all of them I had perceived as being beautiful and pure. But this experience was the most powerful and pushed me to another level of understanding.


A while after this experience, I had another one that also was powerful in a different way. I met someone whose spirit came to me months before meeting him in person. It was a very similar feeling of pure Love. Unconditional and neutral. To make it short, I had a full interaction with his spirit for a couple of years, while the long-distance friendship with the person itself was different. 


I honored the experience of Love where we connected in spirit. It was not about me or him as people. But I guess there can be confusion when someone tells another person “I Love you” if the other person doesn’t understand where that Love comes from. I was reminded again of how our false identities, conditionings, and wounds overshadow this pure interaction.


We all have our own human concept of what Love is. But that one is limited by each one’s conditionings.


I felt like sharing this, because of the importance of the path of remembering what we really are and working towards losing the false identities. We keep identifying ourselves with what we are not, that we are not able to see and experience what we really are, and where we come from. That Pure and Divine Love! Without fear, conditionings, separation, or expectation. A Love that arises from pure Consciousness.


Thank you for your existence, dear reader.


With appreciation and respect,



4 thoughts on “PURE LOVE

  1. Debra Malmos

    Jen, Thank you for sharing. It reminds me how One Divine Thought can change us beyond understanding. in lak’ech, Debra

  2. Audwin Trapman

    This is a truly awakening experience Jen! I have had awakening experiences that have shifted how I see Humanity as well, but they were with my own energies and inward focused, and more to do with human potential of what great Beings of Light we are…. I am going to ask to experience the energy experience that you had, of the other, with an open heart! That would be awesome to experience! Thanks for sharing this experience!

    1. Jen Soto Post author

      Thank you very much for sharing, Audwin! The experience was about the dissolution of “the other” as a separate. The other served just as a mirror for my mind because, in our human experience sometimes it is easier to see it in others, than in us. But ultimately, we all are the same consciousness experiencing itself in infinite possibilities we call “us and others”. Lately, I’ve been coming to experience that Love (with a capital L) is a very high frequency, not just a feeling. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

      1. Andrés

        Yes, Jen, what you describe is one of the 10 powers of the universe as described by Brian Swimme… Interconnectedness. At the quantum level, this concept is so radical, there is no such thing as separation. Your experience with this man who you are not able to connect with on this temporal limited level and yet you were able to have such a precious mystical connection in spirit realm is such a beautiful example of radical interconnectedness.

        And even though confusion emerged when expressing connection with the words “I Love You” to someone who was not ready to hear them on one level — on another level that love can be (and already is) expressed and received, just like you already experienced with the beautiful spiritual hug with someone you do not feel any connection to in this day to day world we currently find ourselves in. What a beautiful gift to read the wisdom and heart that comes across with your words.


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