We are all going through powerful times now, in which we are invited to be an active part of this amazing transformation humanity is going through.

Now, more than ever, it is important to be conscious about our thoughts, emotions, and actions that create our realities and consciously choose to re-member.

I am Guatemalan, initiated ten years ago as an Aj Q’ij (Mayan Wisdom Guide), following the Kakchiquel lineage. I work mainly with the spiritual side of the ancient Mayan Wisdom, which helps us reconnect with our essence. 

If you feel lost in your path, want some light about certain aspects of yourself, you are looking for clarification, validation, or confirmation about experiences and aspects that need healing, if you need some guidance or insights into what is unfolding in your life, or if you want to reconnect with yourself, a Mayan Reading can assist you.

These readings are not to get answers on a superficial level, ask about the future or other people, get yes or no answers, or tell you what to do or not do in your life. They will guide you to go deeper into yourself to create positive changes and take control of your life by reconnecting with your soul’s wisdom, taking you into an inner journey of transformation.

Are you ready to go deeper into your journey of self-discovery?

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